Our World Turned Upside Down ~ 20 Weeks 1 Day

Today we went for our 20 week anatomy ultrasound to see “Baby’s” size, weight, gender, and even get a 3D glimpse of Baby’s face!  After looking at all of the not so interesting necessities of my uterus, placenta, etc, the first part of the baby we saw were the legs and butt.  This obviously showed us exactly what we really wanted to know about our baby.  We are having a…BABY GIRL!!!  We saw her hands and feet, her bladder, heart, and her precious little face.  In the one 3D picture of her that we got, she was holding her umbilical cord like it was a blankie.  It completely covered the right side of her face!  Again…that’s MY little stinker!  It isn’t the best picture ever, but it is the best we’ve seen of her so far!  We’re so in love with her!

The ultrasound tech was having some issues measuring her spine and wasn’t able to see some part of her heart because of her positioning.  When she finished, she told us we would meet with one of the doctors on staff to go over the results of the ultrasound.  I didn’t realize we’d be meeting with a doctor after this visit.  I supposed it was normal and none of my other friends told me this was standard procedure.  We got situated in our room and waited for the doctor to come in.  When the doctor came in, the information she shared with us threw us both off of our seats.  She told us our baby girl has enlarged ventricles in her brain.  “What in the world does that mean?!,” I calmly shrieked.  She told us she is not a specialist, so she “couldn’t” tell us much more than that.  “What a ridiculous answer,” I thought to myself!  All we knew at this point…enlarged ventricles are not something that should be seen during an ultrasound, and we’d be seeing a perinatologist to receive a Level 2 ultrasound.  This should give us some type of answer and diagnosis.   As the doctor escorted us to the checkout counter and explained to the ladies behind the desk what was happening, I could feel the tension, importance, and sense of urgency that this Level 2 ultrasound surrounded us with.  I felt the puppy eyes follow us as we left the office with a feeling of uneasiness.  My husband, Chris, wrapped his arms around me as we proceeded to the car.  I looked up at him and said, “We’re having a little girl, Babe!”  I immediately lost my composure and sobbed hysterically in his arms.  Was our perfect pregnancy about to be derailed?!


2 thoughts on “Our World Turned Upside Down ~ 20 Weeks 1 Day

  1. Your precious daughter is a gift from God sent with a purpose. God promises us “peace that passes all understanding” just when we need it the most! We don’t always understand why things happen the way they do, but God is a faithful and loving God and he is always right there to hold us in his arms when we feel as though we have no strength of our own. I am keeping you and Chris in my prayers everyday. -Lisa

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