The Level 2 Ultrasound ~ 20 Weeks 3 Days

Yesterday, we received a phone call from the perinatologist at Maternal Fetal Medicine who scheduled us to come in for our Level 2 Ultrasound today at 3:15pm.  I knew if we were scheduled for a visit with the specialist 2 days after our first ultrasound, something was seriously wrong with our beautiful baby girl.  We checked in at the front desk and were escorted back to our exam room.  We saw everything during this ultrasound that we’d seen 2 days prior.  We even got another picture of her profile, another of the bottoms of her feet and a great 3D shot of her face!  I love that she was so curled up in this shot.  She even had her left foot and right hand in this picture!

After scanning my belly for over an hour, the tech stepped out to go get the doctor who scanned my belly for another hour and a half!  He finally put the transducer down and spoke to us very assertively as he explained to us what he saw.  Her ventricles are extremely enlarged, and he doesn’t know at this point what caused it whether it be an infection, a chromosome, etc.  He also discovered she has a hole in the bone that separates her left brain from her right brain.  Currently, there is free flowing fluid passing between both sides of the brain, which could be the cause of the enlarged ventricles.  As far as her heart….she’s got a very severe heart defect.  Though her heart is audible and physically beating, he’s not convinced that her heart is making the right connections to the proper veins and arteries to ensure her body will be receiving the proper blood flow that her body will need after delivery.  Something else he noticed while looking at the top of her head, is the lack of a developed set of eyes.  Not only does she have a severe brain issue AND a severe heart defect, but now our precious baby girl hasn’t developed eyes and will be blind?!  What did we do wrong to create such a perfect baby with so many horrible abnormalities?!

What is our next course of action supposed to be?  He believes with the number of abnormalities she has, she will not have much of a chance to survive.  Therefore, he suggested we perform an amniocentisis to determine if she does in fact have a chromosomal abnormality.  If it is chromosomal, we are to assume that every cell in her body is affected and is abnormal.  If she does not have a chromosomal issue, we will be sent to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) for more testing.  So…now we wait.  We came straight home after our appointment and cried together.  Thankfully, my husband Chris somehow managed to sleep.  I woke up a few times to reflect and cry and talk to some of my friends on Facebook.  Needless to say, this is not going to be a very good weekend.


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