Trisomy 13 and Our Palliative Care Team

Tuesday, March 5, 2012 ~ 21 Weeks 6 Days

Even though we don’t understand why God chose us to carry this precious baby, why she has this awful Trisomy 13 abnormality, and why we may or may not have time to spend with her while she’s living, we love her more than words can express.  We love to feel her move and wiggle.  I just noticed today, you can see my belly actually bump on the outside when she bumps too sometimes!

My husband and I were on our way to meet the Palliative Care Team at the hospital where we will deliver, when I received a phone call from a woman from our church, Lisa, who lost her baby at 39 weeks to Trisomy 18.  She asked us if we’d be willing to meet with her Life Group who all connected through the loss of their infant babies, for an evening of love, devotional stories, and connection.  When I hung up the phone, we were just pulling into the parking lot of the hospital.  I looked at my husband in amazement.  God understands this journey is not going to be easy, and he is placing people in our lives, who have first hand experience with this type of loss, that will help to walk with us.

Our Birthing Team (Palliative Care) is made up of a group of wonderful people.  Carolanne (chaplain), Sharon (labor and delivery nurse), Dana & Barb (midwives), and Dr. Lorah (NICU specialist).  We also learned through our church friend Lisa, that the NICU doctor (Dr. Lorah) was wonderful during her labor and delivery and thereafter.  What makes this even more unbelievable…This incredible NICU doctor, Dr. Lorah, also attends our church, will be with us as we deliver, and will be the first one on hand to assess her overall health and keep her comfortable when she is born.  God works in unbelievable ways by once again placing more people in our lives to hold our hands as we travel through to the end of our pregnancy.  He chose and entrusted us to carry, nurture, and protect this precious angel for him.  I ask myself, “What credentials must my husband and I possess to grow an angel for God?”  As the unknown approaches, I am comforted knowing His plan is much bigger than my own.  At least this precious angel will know what it’s like to be rubbed, spoken to, kissed, hugged, and enjoy the voices and singing of both of her Earthly parents before she is carried and welcomed into Heaven.  What a story she’ll get to share with all of her new angel friends when she gets there!

Isaiah 41:13 – For I hold you by your right hand-I the Lord your God.  And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid.  I am here to help you.


3 thoughts on “Trisomy 13 and Our Palliative Care Team

  1. Beth and dr Corley I love and care for u both and I’m sorry about the news but u two are definetly special people and God chose u two for a reason, love you both and will be keeping u guys in my prayers!

  2. Beth, I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. You are amazingly brave to share your story with the world. You all are in my thoughts.

  3. You are so brave. My heart goes out to you, your husband, and your baby girl. She’s lucky to have such a strong mother.

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