It’s the Little Things In Life

Sunday March 25, 2012 ~ 24 Weeks 5 Days

I can honestly say this past week was not easy.  I know this whole process is meant to shape us in some way, and God intends to use us for his own work.  I just wish this was not how it needed to happen.  Feeling our beautiful baby girl moving more and more every day, knowing the science behind the predicted outcome…really has been hitting me in the pit of my stomach.  I don’t want to grieve because she is just fine!  There is nothing to grieve!

Knowing I had a very emotional week, Danielle, a woman I work with, did her best to make it better.  I feel like she is “my person” at work.  On Friday, she had a day off unfortunately, and I was really bumming because of it.  At 3pm, Danielle showed up with a giant Tervis Tumbler, (because a few weeks ago someone magically took off with mine), decorated with a cherry blossom design, and filled with Vanilla ice and custard from Rita’s!  How did she know that this was exactly what I needed?!  I don’t think she really understands how much her kindness meant to me that day.  She reminds me that this is what friends do for each other.  It’s the little things in life that can really turn your day around.  I will cherish all of the small things in life…the morning rain, walks with my husband and dog, workouts at the gym, planting flowers in our garden, and friendships that are ever-lasting.


2 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things In Life

  1. Beth, You are showing so much strength and courage throughout this journey you have embarked on. Remember through all of this my family and I are thinking of you! We love you!

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