Don’t Give Up the Dream

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 ~28 Weeks 1 Day

Sephora is certainly growing now.  I can’t necessarily tell what body part is what when I touch my belly, but it’s really fun to try to guess.  This week, Chris discovered something pretty cool.  He now can lay on my belly like a pillow and hear her movements as well as her heartbeat!  He will lay there and tap it out for me to feel.  I’m glad he discovered this, because I feel like it allows him to be a little more connected to her.

We just finished a series at our church about the “upper and lower story” that really touched both of us through our findings with the baby.  The outcome that we expect is not the outcome that we want unfortunately.  My lower story in this circumstance is something I wish I could change, but I don’t have the power to do so.  Why His upper story is shaping my lower story in this way, I’ll know in time.  I just have to believe that he’ll pull me through and will reveal his upper story to me when I’m ready to see and understand it.

We started a new series that’s titled “Mordinary” ~ More Than Ordinary.  Nothing is impossible for God.  He can grant a miracle in the blink of an eye.  The first message of this series is, “Don’t give up the dream.”  After hearing this, I also found a quote from a motivational speaker who was born with no arms and no legs.  He spoke to young children about our experiences in life that cause us to fall down.  When you fall down, you obviously have to get back up.  A man with no arms and no legs…this certainly must be something he dreads.  As I watched him face plant onto the stage and lay flat on his stomach for a few brief seconds, he just as quickly maneuvered his body to stand upright again.

His quote:  “If you pray for a miracle, and God doesn’t give you that miracle…YOU just might be that miracle for somebody else.”  ~Nick Vujicic~ So don’t give up the dream!

I can pray for God to remove the extra 13th chromosome from every cell in her body, to repair the hole in the bone in her brain, to remove the fluid in her brain, to develop her beautiful eyes, and repair the issue in her heart.  I must also pray and believe for God’s will to be done, in spite of my own wishes.  Maybe He gave her to us to draw us closer to Him, and maybe to bring other people closer to Him.  Maybe He wanted an angel to experience the love and joy that we give to her while we carry her.  Again, in time, He will reveal His Upper story to us.


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