Ultrasound #3!

Monday, April 30, 2012 ~ 29 Weeks 6 Days

We went back to MFM for another ultrasound to watch how our Little Angel has grown.  We learned she is still head up, which is why I feel very low movement all the time.  She now weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces which once again puts her in the 5th percentile as far as her height and weight.  She is measuring 4 weeks behind where she is supposed to be…but the doctor assures us that this is a very normal rate of growth for a baby with Trisomy 13.  The fluid in her brain is still there, which we hoped had decreased, but still expected.  Her heart however is no longer considered to be a tetrology.  I don’t now the exact name of the heart issue.  According to the pediatric cardiologist, if she wasn’t affected by the Trisomy 13, her heart would need surgery at 3 months after birth…and she would be just fine!  My mom and brother came along to the ultrasound too.  I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about it at this point.  I suppose it’s a little bitter sweet for them too.

Chris fell asleep on top of my belly that night.  He loves listening to her heartbeat and hearing her movements.  The last thing he said after kissing my belly and resting his head back on top of it… “Baby, I love you.”  Immediately after he spoke those words, he started to snore.  I love that he is able to relax almost instantly while spending time with her.

We also went to see our entire Palliative Care Team, and Dr. Lorah also joined us!  His purpose was to tell us what we could possibly expect if she survives birth.  With her heart now not being as big of an issue as we thought, there is a higher likelihood that she will tolerate labor and delivery.  Ultimately, the staff will do their best to keep her comfortable by giving her oxygen as necessary…otherwise, they will clean her up and give her right to my husband and me.  They’ll assess her immediately, and they’ll do it quickly.

Unfortunately, neither of us felt better after leaving our meeting with them.  We have 10 more weeks left with her.  I just can’t imagine how any of this will play out.  We continue to enjoy our time with her by singing and talking to her every day.  I feel as though I have begun to hold my breath when I think about seeing her for the first time.  Not completely knowing what to expect is scary…but we will continue to take each day one at a time.


One thought on “Ultrasound #3!

  1. you are in our prayers as aLways…..the “emotion” scale will go widly up and then it will feel as tho you have fallen off a bridge…this is the time to love and nurture the experience….and know that God needed an angel and chose you specifically for the task of giving him one….may God bless you all

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