Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012 ~ 31 Weeks 5 Days

Today is my very first Mother’s Day, and actually pretty exciting!  The weather is beautiful.  The sun is shining.  The birds are singing their tunes everywhere we go…but I realize I am human, and I’m not doing so well today.

We finished our series at church titled “Mordinary” today.  It wasn’t your typical Mother’s Day sermon that I’d been used to hearing every year.  We are to desire to be more than ordinary.  Pray your most ridiculous and crazy prayer every single day.  We were reminded of the story in Mark 35 of the sick little 12 year old girl, whose father had sought out Jesus for healing.  As they approached his home, the people in the home came and told the father that his daughter had passed.  It was too late.  Don’t bother asking Jesus to save her, for there is no life in her left to be saved.  Jesus ignored their words, entered the house, and told the daughter to get up and get out of bed!…and that’s exactly what she did!  As out of this world as that story is, this is another reminder to us that NOTHING is impossible for God.  Pray for exactly what it is that you want.  Pray for the healing we so desperately desire.  Remove Sephora’s extra chromosome to allow her to be a healthy little girl without this stupid Trisomy 13 diagnosis!  Heal her heart and ensure it has made all of the proper connections.  Ensure that her heart will pump effectively to all of the different organs in her body after she’s born in nearly 8 short weeks.  Strengthen and make her eyes grow so that she can see.  Keep minimizing the fluid in her brain so that the brain matter can actually grow, form, and make the connections that it needs to function properly.  Let us spend time with her when she is born:  seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years!  If I pray for this every day, at least I will know I have asked for specific healing for my baby girl.  If for whatever reason this healing isn’t granted, I’ll grieve but be reassured that God’s plan for her was/is much bigger than my own.

“I need you to soften my heart and break me apart.  I need you to pierce through the dark and cleanse every part of me.  All I am I surrender.  Give me faith to trust what you say…that You’re good and Your love is great.  I’m broken inside.  I give you my life.  I may be weak, but Your spirit’s strong in me.  My flesh may fail, my God you never will.”  This was our final anthem that we sang when the service ended today.  I collected my Red Rose as we exited the building to celebrate my first Mom’s Day.  As we were leaving, I realized once again that I am broken and at times I am weak.  I choose to enjoy this day, to watch my belly move as Sephora moves, and to pray BIG PRAYERS for my precious little angel.

To every Mom and Mom to be…Happy Mother’s Day


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