Great News From “Sustaining Grace!”

Monday, May 14, 2012 ~ 31 Weeks 6 Days

Today started as not so good of a day, but with a little bit of good news, it’s gotten so much better!  One of the organizations we have chosen to work with, Sustaining Grace, has graciously offered to pay for us to have a 3D/4D ultrasound so we can get a better look at our beautiful little Sephora.  We have received several 3D photos of Sephora through our ultrasounds with the different specialists we’ve seen.  Never have we been able to see her in 4D, where we will actually get to see her move and wiggle on a DVD we can take home!

Because I will be 32 weeks tomorrow, I had to schedule the appointment for as soon as possible…typical babies tend to be too big to completely view by 34 weeks…just one of their rules.  Since Sephora is measuring 4 weeks behind the average baby, I probably could have waited, but I didn’t really want to get into all of the details of her condition with the place we are going tomorrow.  Since I had to rush our appointment, my parents unfortunately won’t be able to join us.  They are on vacation this week and will have to miss it, which makes me kind of sad.  The DVD we will receive tomorrow will record everything that we will see during the ultrasound, and we should receive a few really good pictures as well!  ::fingers crossed::  Even though watching the ultrasound on a DVD isn’t the same as being there, we at least will be able to share the DVD with my parents when they get home.  Maybe I’ll even be able to upload some of the DVD tomorrow so everyone can see her!

We do have a good group of family and friends that are able to come along with us tomorrow.  We all can fall in love with her together!  I can’t wait to see her again tomorrow!


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