3D/4D Ultrasound

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 ~ 32 Weeks

We had a very busy morning of errands to run before our ultrasound at 12.  We arrived early to fill out paperwork, and then waited with my family and friends to be called back.  The room was set up so nicely.  There was a bed for me, several couches, and a few chairs for everyone else to sit on with a giant TV so we all could watch.  One of my grandparents said someone should have remembered to bring popcorn, because the reminded them of being at the movies!

First thing we saw when the transducer was placed on my belly…a wide shot to prove she still is a girl!  We quickly learned she is laying in a transverse position (sideways across my belly), and it was going to be difficult to get good photos of her.  She was completely folded in half, as she usually is.  Her feet and hands were covering her face during the entire scan!  We tried to move her around gently.  I got up to move around, drink water, use the restroom…nothing.  They even played James Brown to try to startle her to move her into a better position.  Again, nothing!  She completely was sleeping through the entire scan!  It didn’t matter what we did, she slept, and was not about to move out of her comfortable position for us to see her.  After an hour of trying to get a good look at any part of her, we decided to stop for today and we can come back again in a few days.  Hopefully she will change her position so that we can see her face next time.

We did get a cute bear to bring home with a recording of her heartbeat that plays inside.  I thought that was really sweet of them to include this with our package…because I am pretty sure it wasn’t including originally.


6 thoughts on “3D/4D Ultrasound

  1. That is so awesome they did that, how sweet! You are beautiful! Today while listening to WJTL this opera station kept breaking through and it was strange bc I’ve never heard that before and all of the sudden I remembered you and Chris and began just praying over you all thinking maybe GOD was using it to bring you guys to mind. I know you are on this road and you are being ever so strong and doing your best to glorify God in this circumstance and during all the emotions of carrying beautiful Sephora angel girl….Remember, it’s ok to be weak and vulnerable too–He uses our weaknesses too!!! 🙂 I am so grateful to have the privelege of praying with y ou all for a miracle! He is at work, even when we can’t see or feel Him, we must keep walking in faith:) LOVE and PRAYERS!!

  2. You inspire me! Instead of falling apart & saying “Why me,” you have chosen to embolden yourself to accept this gift from God with all the challenges you might face. I believe His plan is to use you as a role model for other mothers who might have the same problem pregnancies. Dear granddaughter, you are an amazing woman.

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