The Summer Heat

Sephora’s due date was supposed to be in 3 short weeks from now.  The amount of swelling and fluid I’d been retaining 5 weeks ago when Sephora was born due to the preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome was awful!  I don’t even want to imagine how swollen my whole body would be if I actually made it to my due date!

Summer certainly has made itself known in my town!  My husband, Chris and I stayed in the house for most of the day today because the temperature was close to 100 degrees!  He went outside to water all of our beautiful plants this morning before the sun got too hot.  We contemplated going on our “daily date” to the grocery store, but because the air conditioning in our car doesn’t work, we decided to hang in for the day.  I’m hoping summer doesn’t stay this hot, because I don’t foresee the air conditioning being fixed until possibly next year.  The idea entertaining a bill for labor, for a mechanic having to rip apart the entire front console in the cab of the car, just to figure out where the freon is leaking into the cab, then fixing the hole and putting everything back together makes me a little dizzy.

Last night, we met with our Life Group from church as we do every Tuesday.  The new series we started discussing is called “Beautiful Things.”  How do you find beauty in tragedy and death around you?  When we first started attending our church last fall, I’d been waiting to start to “feel” an emotional tug at my heart.  It only took a few short weeks for this emotional tug to take place.  Although I didn’t know this at that time, I firmly believe this was the way God was trying to reach me.  He was trying to tell me to hold on tight, because you’re going to need me.  A few months later, we’d received the horrible news that our little Sephora had Trisomy 13, an awful chromosomal abnormality that would likely take Sephora away from us too soon.  I also believe, had we not found this church and called it home, and heard the sermons and lessons every Sunday when we attended, I’m not sure emotionally where I would be.  Chris and I have each other.  We have our family and friends.  If we didn’t have God…if we didn’t have a firm understanding that this life on Earth is not going to be our final resting place…if we didn’t learn that Sephora ws given to us to teach others about love and humility, and also to shape and strengthen our story…I would envision a never ending rain cloud following over my head.  Instead, I have hope of a brighter day.  My Little Ray of Sunshine is always with me, her beautiful garden grows, and her incredible story continues.

Isaiah 55:11:  The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.


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