Sephora’s Due Date

I woke up this morning knowing that today was the day Sephora was “supposed” to be born.  Instead, she was born 7 1/2 weeks ago, due to me developing a severe case of preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome.  Had she been the “typical healthy” child, she would have survived.  Her heart wasn’t strong enough.  Her lungs weren’t ready.  Her tiny but perfect head was filled with fluid.  Trisomy 13 had completely taken over her body.  Despite all of these abnormalities, the extra 13th chromosome in every cell in her body, and 2 extra fingers…she was perfect.  Our beautiful little girl had curly, dark brown hair.  She weighed 3 pound 9 ounces, and was 16 inches long.  She had the tiniest cry, and would stop crying to listen to me sing the song I’d sung to her every day since we found out we were pregnant…”You Are My Sunshine.”  She lived 4 1/2 hours and passed in my arms at 2:50am.  I held her in my arms and kept her warm through the night as I slept, until I returned her to her bassinet at 8am to eat breakfast.  She stayed with us almost the entire time we were in the hospital.  As the sun shines and the butterflies fly through her garden, I know she is at peace.  I know she knew love.  I know she smiles down from Heaven at us and laughs with her other angel baby friends.  She was our first born.  Our first daughter.  Our “Beautiful Angel.”  Our Sephora Angeline.

1 Samuel 1:27–28
“I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him. So now I give him [her] to the LORD. For his [her] whole life he [she] will be given over to the LORD.” (NIV)


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