Sunshine & Butterflies in Sephora’s Garden

It’s a beautiful day to sit by Sephora’s Garden.  There is a cool breeze.  The sun is shining.  It makes me want to run upstairs and sing “You Are My Sunshine” to all of her memories in the closet.  Can you tell I’m feeling emotionally stable today?  The pink angel wing begonia is still in full bloom.  I can’t wait to plant more things in Sephora’s Garden next spring.  I’d love to line it with Forget-Me-Nots and more plants that attract these beautiful butterflies that we continue to see since her birth!  I have never seen so many butterflies in my life!  The only thing that could make today better, would be to find a little baby somewhere to hold and cuddle with.

ask the plants of the earth, and they will teach you… Job 12: 8a


2 thoughts on “Sunshine & Butterflies in Sephora’s Garden

  1. You can come cuddle Little Tony anytime!!! Of course, he isn’t much of a cuddled anymore. He wants to go go go!!! Love you Beth ❤

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