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Sephora’s 1st Birthday

May 18, 2013

Sephora’s 1st Birthday was a day that we were really unsure how we’d actually feel.  We woke up that morning to a crying Miles, who was ready to eat.  We sat in the bed together and cried a little bit as we remembered our first-born baby, whose life was taken only 4 1/2 hours after her birth.  We were reminded of her little noises she would make.  Sometimes Miles even has a little whimper similar to Sephora’s.  That sound really does take me back to that scary day.

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We’d known for almost 3 months that our daughter was not going to live very long after she was born, due to her extra chromosome and diagnosis of Trisomy 13.  Hearing the news at 20 weeks of gestation that our baby was going to die is something that was extremely hard to swallow.  Sephora Angeline was born at 32 weeks and 3 days on Friday, May 18, 2102, at 10:25pm, due to me being diagnosed with severe HELLP Syndrome.  She was blue at first and not really breathing on her own.  The nurses told us we would only have seconds to be with her while she was alive.  I did the only thing I’d done every day with her.  I sang.  She immediately responded to my voice, and she started to regain some color in her tiny little 3 pound 9 ounce, and 16 inch long body.  She passed away peacefully in my arms at 2:50am on May 19.

It was a beautiful day to remember her life short life touched by many, and to celebrate it with her new baby brother, Miles.