The Story About the Dimple!


A few weekends ago, at my best friend’s baby shower, Miles was dressed to impress!  His new little girlfriend was born only a week ago, and we can not wait to meet her!  As a group of us were talking and laughing about our kids, Miles started to join in too! When he smiled, one of the girls noticed the dimple on his right cheek.  When he was born, we noticed his cute little dimple, but have no idea where he got it from.  Neither my husband or I have dimples, so I mentioned his cute little dimple to another mom whose baby also had Trisomy 13 when we met up for a lunch date.  Her rainbow baby boy also has 1 dimple on his cheek, and no one else in her family has dimples!  When she went home, she had to investigate how our little boy both have a single dimple.  She found there is an old wives tale that says, “A dimple comes from the kiss of an angel before leaving Heaven.”  When I shared this with the girls at the shower, one of my really good friends started to cry.  It is nice to know that my husband and I aren’t the only people who still grieve over Sephora.  Before my labor with Miles started, Chris and I looked up to the Heavens and told Sephora she’s had enough time playing with her baby brother.  It was time to give him a hug and a kiss, and send him down to Earth from Heaven.  She certainly listened!  Now her kiss has left a permanent mark on Miles’ little cheek for us to see her every day through her baby brother’s beautiful smile!  Today, I remember our precious little Sephora and give Miles’ right cheek a few extra kisses.



5 thoughts on “The Story About the Dimple!

  1. Ironically I came across this post after doing a google search on “wives tales and dimples in babies”… The reason being is our 5mo old daughter has dimples.. Neither my husband nor myself do.. And she’s also a rainbow baby. Our daughter Elliot passed away 12.5 hours after she was born on May 28,2012. I thought I had heard of this wives tale before but couldn’t be sure .. Thanks for the confirmation… Even if it is a wives tale.
    After reading more of your blog, I realized we were both going through our own personal hell at close to the same time (my water broke 13 wks early on 5/18/12)… & You Never think something like losing a child will happen to “you”… And when it does, it rocks you to your core.

    Glad I ran across your blog tonight 😊

    • Wow…I’m glad you stumbled across my blog for this purpose! Literally, at almost the same time, we did share the same horrible nightmare. The dimple on my son’s face gives me a sense of calm, and brings me joy…imagining that I’m kissing my daughter through his dimple. It is my constant reminder that she is always near us.

  2. I as well came across your blog by googling “Dimples are angel kisses” , over year ago my first daughter passed away at 27 wks pregnancy to a condition called HPE. We just recently were blessed with another daughter in April and we saw that she has 3 dimples, One of our friends step mothers told me that she always heard dimples were angel kisses, Which my dad, my husbands grandma, and our daughter are all in heaven helped to bless us with our rainbow baby, and we like to believe she got her dimples from their kisses. 🙂 Very nice post, I’m happy I came across your blog, and your son is so precious!

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