Capture Your Grief 2013, Day 16: Seasons

We announced our pregnancy with Sephora just before Christmas 2011, when I could no longer hide my baby bump.  The winter holidays always hit the hardest because I have always felt the month of December is meant to be spent with family.  As the days pass, I feel I don’t always grieve enough for Sephora.  It’s as if I’m too “ok” with her passing.  It almost seems that her pregnancy and short life was a figment of my imagination.  When the holiday season comes, I am very quickly reminded by all of our friends and family who have not forgotten about Sephora that she did live.  She was on this earth.  Her purpose was clear.  She was sent to change the lives of any person that heard her beautiful life story.  I welcome the seasons and every holiday because they bring her back to life.  Through the laughter and tears, she still lives.


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