May 1 – 2012, 2013, and 2014


30 weeks (Sephora)

I had no idea that this would be one of my last weeks of pregnancy with our precious little Sephora.  We had reached the 30 week mark, and I had decided to try on some cute maxi dresses to get me through the summer until Sephora’s due date in July.  2 weeks and 3 days later, her short life flashed right in front of us.  Just like that…she was gone.  Trisomy 13.  Incompatible with life.  That diagnosis makes my skin crawl.

40 weeks

40 weeks (Miles)

Fast forward to May 1, 2013…  It was my due date with our little rainbow baby, Miles.  The sun was shining and warm on my face.  It was a beautiful day to welcome our little boy, but he had other plans.  He decided to choose his own birthday, and arrived 8 days later!

2014…  Miles is walking!  He brings us such joy.  The dimple on his face shows me glimpses of the love his big sister has for him every single day.  Who wouldn’t want a permanent Angel’s kiss on their cheek for their lifetime?!


I can’t believe he will be 1 year old next week!  What is even harder to wrap my brain around, is Sephora would have been 2 years old this year!  Time certainly flies!




One thought on “May 1 – 2012, 2013, and 2014

  1. I feel myself your loss,my heart is aching for you.I was due the same time in 2012 with my girl,she was born September 6 after 12 years of trying. My twin boys were born May 9,2007. I am thinking about you,you are not alone.

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